Golden Earring is first to do
what others only talk about
The Cleveland Press, Friday, July 19,1974

"We're really going to blow them off the stage"

In my eight years of covering the national rock music scene, that's the quote I've heard most often.

It usually comes from the manager of an opening act who's desperate for publicity. The manager explains his act is much stronger than the headliner. It never is.
Golden Earring is the exception. You can count on one hand the number of rock groups in the world capable of topping tons explosive new group from Holland.
Currently on its first major tour in the U.S., Golden Earring has been the opening act for a number of top recording groups. From the reviews I've read, no one has been able to follow them.
Among the groups the Earring has upstaged are ZZ Top, Procol Harum, J. Geils, Marshall Tucker, the Doobie Brothers and last Friday night at the Allen, prevent Station.
Combining electrifying theatrics and acrobatics with a very sophisticated blend of rock 'n' roil. Golden Earring put together the finest stage show by a new act that I ever saw.
In fact, I'd have to think awfully hard to come up with an "old" act that is capable of giving a better performance.
Each musician in Golden Earring is a star. Together, they're dynamite. The audience is given a double treat of watching a spectacular show and listening to some classic rock.
Flutist Barry Hay has to be made out of rubber. Besides bending his body in every position imaginable while singing, he's, brilliant on guitar, sax and any percussion Instrument that's available.
I usually hate drum solos, but Cesar Zuiderwijk made me love them. During an extended version of the group's smash hit, "Radar Love," Cesar showed what drummlng's all about. He completed his already spectacular show with an unbelievable eight-foot leap over his drums.
Just when I thought nothing could top Cesar's performance, bassist-keyboardist Rinus Gerritsen put on a demonstration that I still don't believe I saw,. He made his bass guitar do everything but talk, and completed this super solo by deservedly collapsing flat nn his back.
It was the only time during the group's 50 minutes of playing that one of the four musicians wasn't moving.
Guitarist George Kooymans - who executed a variety of leaps and glides throughout the performance - ended the show with a Beatles' version of "Money" that included a few Chuck Berry hops far good measure.
Fans in the audience went wild. We all stood and screamed for more, but the Earring already had played longer than the time limit set for an opening act. The fans remained standing and lit matches in appreciation. It was quite a sight.
At this point I felt very sorry for Brownville. There was no way that they were going to follow this act. They should he credited for trying, however.
They did everything from passing out party favors to having motorcycles revving up on stage to get the audience to respond. Nothing worked. Like their two-million selllng hit says, they would have been better off "Smokin' in the Boys' Room."
If you're lucky enough to catch the Golden Earring in concert, better clip out the photo on this page see what the musicians look like. on stage - like the other photo from last week's concert shows-they're a blur.
But the music is the most important thing, and Golden Earring's MCA Track album "Moontan" is audible proof that this will be the next supergroup.

Golden Earring's show was essentially professional and confident.
Rolling Stone 1/8/74

Cesar Zuiderwijk Sky-high leap from behind the drum kit during Radar Love. He looks like a Nureyev ejecting from a jet plane,
Rolling Stone 1/8/74

The atmosphere was electric
N.M.E. Rainbow Concert on May 24

Do yourself a favour and go and see the band next time they're in this country.
Let It Rock Dec./73

Ear Ole are a hand I've never witnessed before. They are above all, totally professional.

N.M.E. 30/3/74

The Dutch have a reputation for taking their pleasures seriously and in generous quantities - Golden Earring are no exception.
Sounds 3/6/73

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